5 Ways Small Businesses Are Like Fourteeners

Colorado as a state is well known for numerous things that range from its highest fourteeners to its successful startups and small business owners. Companies like Otterbox and Crocs have found their fame here and are still going strong. But while both the mountains and businesses are unique, there’s actually a fair amount they have in common. If you’ve ever climbed a fourteener or plan to, you’ll find that it can be a metaphor for business success on its own!

  • You need to prepare. It’s not wise to set off to climb a mountain without first ensuring you have the necessarily supplies and drive to get to the top. Taking the time to plan your business in advance via assets and support is significant and well worth the effort. It may be possible to make it to the top with less, but the journey will certainly be more comfortable with some padding (and a nice winter jacket) for instance.
  • A lot of people will try, but not everyone will succeed. Maybe their “padding” wasn’t as good to start, or maybe it was better. Some people might not even make it half a mile up, while others may have a resident camp at the top and are ready to go climb their next mountain. Most everyone understands the drive and sense of accomplishment such a feat takes, but not everyone is successful for a variety of reasons.
  • It’s better with support. Your chances of succeeding are increased if you have a solid support to accompany you. Maybe this is your best friend that helps motivate you to the top, or maybe it’s a tour guide that supplies you with water and food along the way to help you reach your potential. Either way, it’s useful to have these resources to make it more likely that you’ll succeed in your endeavor.
  • It’s unpredictable. The mountain weather, just like the business climate, can change at a moment’s notice. At times it may be more favorable and more mild, and there are some prediction methods that will tell you one way or another…but sometimes they are flat our wrong. It’s entirely possible (and frequent) that it may snow in May, just as it’s possible that despite your best preparation, you may still not succeed. All you can do is try your best and bring along supplies “just in case” the unthinkable happens.
  • It’s an enormous accomplishment to reach the top. The struggle and effort one must put in to get to the top makes actually doing so all the more satisfying, fourteeners and small businesses alike. Even if you aren’t successful the first time (or second, or third), this is a journey you can take more than once and learn from along the way.

We pride ourselves as Coloradans as being heavily involved in the outdoors as adventure-seekers; perhaps there is a reason small businesses seem to thrive in such areas of astounding beauty. If you’re ever needing some perspective or inspiration, try visiting a few fourteeners yourself or other scenic hike while you contemplate. It may be more therapeutic than you realize!

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