Musical Notes for Small Businesses

We all like to get our toes tapping from time to time with a musical background. Numerous studies have shown that playing music we like can make us more productive and enthusiastic about our work, but it’s also commonly utilized as a device to impact shoppers as well; who knew? For this week’s post, we explore further the influence of music and the best ways it can impact your small business (whether just for you, your employees, or your customers).

  • Being male or female can change your tune.  One study conducted in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that men became more engaged with their shopping experience when background music was played at a faster beat. Interestingly, however, the same was not the case for most women, who were found to typically be more engaged when music was played at a slower tempo, or with no music at all. All the more reason to be sure you know your target audience and cater to them as individuals!
  • Mood Boost. More than 80% of individuals reported that hearing music boosts their mood, and it’s well-known that clients are more likely to make purchases if they are feeling upbeat. This overall makes for a good argument to have music readily accessible in the work-place, whether for yourself, employees, or for potential clientele.
  • The gift of patience. One study done indicated that 3/4 of clients or shoppers were more content to wait for service if music is playing in the background. If your small business frequently has lines or a waiting area, having some tunes might just make them more compliant for longer periods; well worth the investment!
  • A musical welcome mat. Other studies have shown that music makes clients and customers feel welcome, while silence tends to bring the impression of disengagement and coldness. Just be sure the music isn’t too extreme; blasting death metal might not be appropriate for all atmospheres, after all.
  • Beware of copyright law. If you are a small enough business and only utilize music for yourself and employees, this shouldn’t be concern. But if you plan to play music to the public, the Better Business Bureau indicates that businesses must register with either ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. Alternatively, services like SiriusXM or DMX often include necessary fees into their memberships for small businesses to utilize.
So no matter your musical tastes, incorporating a playlist into your professional life is likely to only be beneficial!  Even if you’re a solopreneur, help the day move along by adding to your atmosphere in this simple, flexible, easy-to-use method that is customizable in every regard.
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