5 Best Things About Being a Small Business Owner Today

It’s easy to get caught up in pessimism today. Day in and out, we hear something new and disappointing, either in the media, within social media platforms, or through our own relationships.  Not to mention the amount of uncertainty we face at the moment as far as the economy goes; chances are, you remember the last time it crashed, and it was far from “good.” 

All these things said, there’s an awful lot to be glad about if you’re a small business owner today. For sake of maintaining just a little bit of holiday cheer, we discuss a few tried and true benefits to running a small business in 2018, vs what it might have been even a decade or two ago.

  1. The Internet. Okay, maybe this is obvious, as you’re there reading on your computer or phone. But seriously, imagine for a moment running a business without it. How would you market? How would you know about any on-goings or conferences? How would you know what is competitive? Yeah. The Internet is incredible, and something we encourage you to try to not always take for granted.
  2. Access to Credit. It is much easier for small business owners to get access to funding than it was a decade ago, and lenders have only been on the rise. It may not last forever, but for now, chances are you have more access to cash than you would have in the past. Now might be the time to take advantage!
  3. More Competition. We know this can be a con as well, but other businesses similar to our own can help inspire us, while also showing us what not to do by avoiding their mistakes. We can always strive to be the best, but sometimes it’s easier when you can view your counterparts more closely and intimately than ever before.
  4. Increased Flexibility with Technology. Twenty years ago, working remotely meant likely working out of your home office, and things were hardly portable (and if they were, I’d imagine extremely bulky). Now there are virtual offices everywhere, cozy cafes with free wireless Internet, and coworkers and associates are more likely to be flexible too. You have an insanely smart computer in your pocket pretty much 24/7. Video conference calls can be made in place of traveling much of the time, and even if you do need to travel, it is so much quicker and easier to get where you need to go. We live in a world of Uber, Skype, and online banking. Take a moment to appreciate the luxury!
  5. Health and Increased Life Expectancy. It may be cliche to be grateful for your health, but in truth, people are living longer than they ever have, and many awful diseases and debilitating illnesses are now extinct (or mostly).  Yes, new illnesses can come up, but with science we have the ability to fight back and find a cure faster than we ever have to combat it. So take a deep breathe, and embrace the fact that you’re likely to enjoy running your small business for a long, long time, and much longer than our grandparents might have gotten to!

We won’t try to cloud the fact that many things could be better. There are a lot of problems and complications in today’s world that need immediate attention, and are unfortunately not easily solved. But some things, at least, are arguably better than they ever have been, at least if you run your own business.

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