A Little Bit About Us

LoDo Office Reception AreaWelcome to Denver Virtual Offices.  We are an affiliate network of independently owned virtual office and serviced office space providers in Denver, CO.  Denver Virtual Offices was created in 2006, and newly revised in 2012, in an effort to better serve the growing population of small business owners and mobile and home-based workers.

Dating back to 1990, our network locations have served thousands of companies as they have established and run their businesses in the Denver marketplace.  Our clients hire us to help them enhance the image of their business and run their businesses more efficiently by:

  • Utilizing one of our business addresses for incorporation and licensing, as a professional office address on their marketing materials, and as a convenient mail receiving locale,
  • Using our advanced telecommunications systems and available live reception services to receive their incoming calls in a professional, business-like manner,
  • Utilizing our workspaces to work in a professional, business-oriented atmosphere, and
  • Using our our professionally appointed conference rooms, day offices, and business lounges to meet with clients without the distractions of a coffee shop or the exorbitant cost of a hotel meeting room.

5 Reasons to Choose Denver Virtual Offices

Large Drop in WorkspaceDenver Virtual Offices offers a unique approach to providing virtual office services.

  1. We Offer Flexibility: Unlike many other virtual office providers that have pre-set packages, we provide our clients the freedom to pick and choose the services that make the most sense for them.  This allows our clients to save thousands of dollars annually while creating and maintaining a professional business images.
  2. We Have A Vested Interest In Client Satisfaction:  Each of our network locations is independently owned so each person that you come in contact with has a vested interest in making you happy and in helping your business succeed.  Without happy, successful clients, our businesses fail, so we want to do everything we can to truly create a “win-win” situation for everyone.
  3. Our Direct Contact Means Better Service:  Our clients are placed in direct contact with our local center providers.  So instead of dealing with out-of-state call centers or centralized billing departments – like with Davinci Virtual, Opus Virtual Offices, Regus or some others – you know the staff that you will be working with on a daily basis.  Not only does this give you the ability to have a better sense of who we are and how we operate, it gives us the ability to better serve you by eliminating middle-men and multiple contact people.
  4. We Provide Access To Multiple Locations:  Through our affiliate network, we give you the ability to access multiple locations throughout the Denver Metro area and yet have one simple bill at the end of each month to keep your accounting easy and accurate.
  5. You Pay Less:  Our marketing and affiliate structure is different – and less costly – than Davinci Virtual, CloudVO and some of the others.  As a result, each Denver Virtual Offices location is able to offer their services for a lower rate than if you were to go through another affiliate network.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to call us
at 1-855-9-DENVER or email us at info@denvervirtualoffices.com.


Interested in Listing Your Virtual Office Location

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