Best New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Now that we’ve discussed the why of New Year’s Resolutions, we thought it might be worth exploring a few commonly suggested resolutions for small business owners. Feel free to utilize these for inspiration, or in a literal sense, whatever your company could use improvement on. In no particular order, our suggestions are as follows: 

  • Give your website a boost. Is your website professionally maintained? Does it reach all platforms (tablet, mobile, desktop, etc.)? How do you track visitors? Whatever the answer, there are many significant angles to a website, and it may be easy to find something to improve upon.
  • Improve your follow up. What is your policy for following up with potential inquiries? How many times do you reach out once they’ve contacted you? What methods do you follow up on, and how well is it working? Take some extra time to follow up with your follow ups!
  • Hire an employee. If your life is overrun with chaos or you find yourself wearing thinner than you’d like, consider the benefits of hiring an employee. It’s certainly a big step for any small business, but maybe this year is the year to make it happen!
  • Improve your schedule. Check in with yourself on how your daily life is going. Are you happy with your schedule, or could it use changing? The new year is a great time to establish a new routine and working hours if you could use a change of pace to more effective at your work.
  • Start your own blog. We may be biased, but blogs are great ways to reach out to well…anyone! Clients, friends, associates, office neighbors, you name it! It can be time consuming, but having yet another outlet to post on social media and keep everyone up to date on what’s been going on with you and your company, or just sharing topics and articles you find interesting, is a great way to stay in the Internet loop and stay relevant. If you get really large and successful, this is something you can outsource to others to complete for you as well! Or perhaps a great side job for your newly hired employee.

New years can be challenging to get a grip on, but they can also be extremely rewarding and thought provoking for small business owners. What are your company’s new year’s resolutions this year? We’d love to hear more ideas and suggestions, perhaps for next year’s list!

From Denver Virtual Offices, we continue to wish all of our readers the very best in 2018!

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