5 Bizarre Small Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

When debating whether to start a small business, many of us struggle with our initial ideas. We ask ourselves, “Is there a demand for that type of contractor?” or “Is that something feasibly sustainable in the long-run to base my livelihood off of?” These are all great questions, but in hopes of inspiring our readers that are on the verge of taking the plunge, here are a handful of totally bizarre small businesses that have thus far succeeded.  They’re probably a lot stranger than what your own idea!

  • SomethingStore. Everyone likes surprises, apparently, as this company has been able to thrive off that fact. For $10, you can have something, near anything (legal), mailed to you.  The item is certified to be worth at least $10 and guaranteed to be brand new. Perhaps they are appealing to our childlike selves who are given a box and we enjoy imagining what surprise could be inside. In any case, they’ve sold over 200,000 “somethings” since their founding in 2007.
  • Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. Talk about capitalizing on your market! The Wedding Wagon will show up wherever you desire in Vegas to hold your wedding, vow renewal, or commitment ceremony.  Their service includes a minister, a witness, photographer, certificate, and filing of legal paperwork, all for the low cost of $129!
  • SlobProof! A mother in Maryland decided to create her own startup after raising two boys with a dog and a bird. She creates furniture that is, in short, slob proof: Stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant, moisture-proof, odor-proof & anti-microbial, indestructible and eco-friendly. “The last sofa you’ll ever buy.”
  • Superfan Suits. Is one of your favorite past-times unnerving people or resembling an alien at sporting events? Yep, there’s a startup for that! Superfan Suits sells spandex suits in all colors and styles. Whether you prefer a slightly less-creepy open-faced appearance, or want to simply resemble the flag of your state or country, there’s a suit for that!
  • Throx. Seen on Shark Tank and reviewed in Reader’s Digest Magazine, Throx is a simple start up that sells socks in threes instead of twos. They come in stylish designs and are made with quality material to last longer than your average socks. For $10, you’ll get three stylish, long-lasting socks, so you’ll have a backup when you inevitably lose one.  Yes, this is a real, successful (bizarre) thing.

If there’s anything to learn about the above, it’s that anything is possible. How many naysayers do you think the startups above had to listen to, but still pulled the trigger anyway? It’s true that there is risk in starting your own business, and a large number don’t end up succeeding. But it’s also true that you’ll never know until you try! At Denver Virtual Offices, we are here to stand behind you for any business idea, no matter how bizarre!

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