Breakfast for Entrepreneurs on the Go!

We hear it all the time to the point that we’re tired of hearing about it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, gives you fuel for your fire to tackle anything, contributes to weight-loss by boosting metabolism, creates world peace, etc. etc. That’s all well and fine, but how can you reliably get a quality breakfast in when you’re also busy running your livelihood via your small business? We have a few suggestions for entrepreneurs on the run to help you still get that oh-so-important meal in each workday. 

  • Have more breakfast meetings. Who says you can’t seal a deal over a veggie omelette? At breakfast, there’s a little something for everyone (sweet, savory, hearty, etc.), so why not change it up and invite an associate or client to breakfast rather than lunch. Chances are, doing so will probably be more memorable, and they’ll have the whole rest of the day to recall your meeting topics. As a bonus, breakfast tends to run a little cheaper than lunch if you’re the one buying!
  • Pick an office with food options. Even better if they’re complimentary. At our Cherry Creek location, regular deliveries of fresh produce are brought to the community kitchen for virtual office members, as one example.
  • Try a meal-replacement shake. There are lots of different brands of these that probably vary in quality (and taste, we’ll be honest), but the convenience factor is great. They come in powder form and you just need to add milk or water, and voila! You can also make your own, if you have a little extra time! Breakfast you can drink on the go, where everyone can just assume you’re having coffee and not bat an eye.
  • Keep a stash. If you have a designated desk or office, keep a few favorable options in there you can eat between meetings. Nutrition bars and oatmeal are healthy and convenient options, as they don’t easily spoil and are easy to make at a moment’s notice. They’ll also keep you going for many hours through even the toughest days.

If you’re ever looking for breakfast location possibilities on the go, feel free to check in with our staff at any Denver Virtual Offices location. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, whether that’s for a fancier sit-down brunch meeting, or for the best breakfast burrito in the area to grab on your way!

Whatever you do or wherever you go, try your best to squeeze in some morning grub; your body will thank you in the long-run, especially as a small business owner with a lot more on your plate in life!

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