6 Ways to Save on Office Supplies

Whether your small business has just one or 499 employees (anything less than 500 still qualifies), office supplies are more than likely going to be necessary. Printing materials are more than commonly used, as are postage. Both of these things quickly becoming inconvenient and time consuming when not readily available. In hopes of saving our […]

Advantages of Having Meeting Room Access as Part of Your Virtual Office Solutions

In order for a small business to grow, they will have to find a way to connect with their customers on a real and regular way. There are a number of things you can do to get customers, but what you do with them once you have them is the important part. For most business […]

Nearby Downtown Denver, 16th and Market

Exploring another of our recently added locations, our 16th and Market virtual offices are convenient to all the attractions and conveniences of downtown Denver.  This makes it a perfect choice for small business owners meeting out-of-town (or in-town!) guests. As with previous posts, we’ll be checking out helpful amenities nearby in hopes of aiding small […]

Virtual Doesn’t Mean Faceless

In today’s world of being exceptionally Internet focused and reliant for small businesses, it’s easy to get caught up in the craze and utilize what technology allows.  So many  common occurrences within a business can now be accomplished remotely, going so far as to not even require personal meetings anymore! However, while these technological advances […]

Private Office

Virtual Office Solutions

Can’t afford a full time office in Cherry Creek, DTC, Downtown, Belmar or LoDo? For small business owners in the Denver metro area there is an alternative to long, expensive leases that is a bit more flexible. Whether your company is a start-up business or you serve as solopreneur, sometimes it is not ideal or […]

Office Space for Accountants

Denver Accountants and Tax Preparers Looking For Part Time Office Space

Around this time of year, many accountants and tax service professionals who work from home start searching for a prestigious office location to use during tax season. Whether one is a seasoned CPA or just starting a practice, working from home can be suitable until tax season hits. Tax season is when many spend too […]

Looking to Rent a Conference Room in Denver?

Small business owners working from home face many unique challenges, but one in particular is finding an affordable conference room to host internal client meetings or training seminars. There is an astounding range of price difference and amenities provided by rentable locations in the Denver area that could take some time to consider.  Common venues […]

Where Are You Going For Spring Break?

It seems to be that time of year. People are heading out for spring break vacations, so I thought that it would be interesting to see where people are headed this year. I did some research and here is what I learned: When I was a college student, the popular spring break destinations where Daytona […]

Looking For An Affordable Downtown Denver Office?

Working in downtown Denver can be an expense many small businesses can’t afford, but in some cases it is important to be where your clients and prospects are, especially if you are involved in Colorado’s robust oil and natural gas industry. But if you’re operating a small company, the question becomes, “How can I have […]

How Many Hours Do You Spend Driving To Appointments?

The cost of driving to appointments continues to go up. Whether you are a small business owner out meeting customers and prospects or an independent sales rep making seasonal visits to clients, it seems everyone is looking to find ways to save time and money. Let’s take a look at a day with one of […]