Entering the Amazon: When Big Business Comes to Growing Cities

Those of us familiar with the Denver metro area know it is no stranger to successful, well-known businesses. In fact, the area is known to be one of the better hubs in the United States for startups. Companies like Crocs, Otterbox, Celestial Seasonings, and Coors all found their roots in Colorado, after all.  But what […]

Co-Working Still Exploding in Denver

What many considered just a fad has no end in sight for momentum. Denver continues to be a booming capital of co-working spaces. There has been a 62% increase in this new-age real estate just within the last nine months. Real estate experts are taking full notice of the co-working activity in the Denver/Boulder area, as […]

Denver Startup Week 2017

It’s finally here! September 25th begins the annual Denver Startup week. The events throughout the week are focused on  “innovation for founders, developers, product managers, designers, marketers, sales teams, and makers;” if you are part of a small business, this is the week for you! 

Nearby Downtown Denver, 16th and Market

Exploring another of our recently added locations, our 16th and Market virtual offices are convenient to all the attractions and conveniences of downtown Denver.  This makes it a perfect choice for small business owners meeting out-of-town (or in-town!) guests. As with previous posts, we’ll be checking out helpful amenities nearby in hopes of aiding small […]

Small Businesses: Marijuana is Growing

Since the full legalization of recreational marijuana in January of 2014, hundreds of new small business dispensaries have popped up all over the place in Colorado.  While many of the same small business principals apply to this new found niche, starting a marijuana dispensary business is a lot more complicated than most are aware of.  […]

The Artist Entrepreneur

The summer months are especially favorable to art festivals, gallery walks, and local art shows, with Denver and Boulder being some of the most beneficial areas to display in.  Visitors and tourists come from all over the country and often long for a taste of rocky mountain art-scape and other pieces unique to the area.  […]

Networking Basics for Entrepreneurs

Denver is becoming well known as a great place for startups within the U.S.  Lots of companies are expanding to the area, as well as many college graduates migrating due to stronger job opportunities than many other parts of the country.  For small business owners though, it can still take effort in even the best […]

Dealing With Denver Traffic

While a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners enjoy the ability to not commute during rush hour traffic, with meetings and appointments it can be occasionally inevitable to travel during peak times.  And with Denver’s population recently soaring, more cars are on the road than ever before!  Below we compiled a few suggestions […]

Nearby DTC Belleview

Located just one block east of I-25 and Belleview, our virtual office location resides in the heart of DTC.  The DTC area is known for being the startup location for such companies as AT&T, United Cablevision, and United Arts Cable, and nearly all still have headquarters in the area.  The building that contains our virtual […]

Nearby Downtown,17th and Welton

Being one of our most centrally located virtual office locations, our 17th and Welton location boasts most all benefits of Denver’s main downtown.  The building itself adjoins the famous 16th street mall and is 7 blocks from Denver’s Capital and courthouse.  Its location is in the middle of the central business district, also known as […]