Celebrating Veteran’s Day and Their Entrepreneurial Spirit

Perhaps nothing is more American than striking with your own business and exercising the freedom to create your own income in the free market.  The dream of being your own boss and take sole control over your career has its’ draws that most everyone has considered at some point or another. An estimated 2.45 million […]

5 Ways Small Businesses Are Like Fourteeners

Colorado as a state is well known for numerous things that range from its highest fourteeners to its successful startups and small business owners. Companies like Otterbox and Crocs have found their fame here and are still going strong. But while both the mountains and businesses are unique, there’s actually a fair amount they have […]

Breakfast for Entrepreneurs on the Go!

We hear it all the time to the point that we’re tired of hearing about it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, gives you fuel for your fire to tackle anything, contributes to weight-loss by boosting metabolism, creates world peace, etc. etc. That’s all well and fine, but how can you reliably […]

Always Have a Backup! Tips for Solopreneurs

When you’re a small business owner, particularly as the only employee, it’s important to have a backup or two in place.  Being human, there are bound to be times when you are unavailable or something unexpected comes up. The last thing you want is to lose business, get a bad review, or come across as […]

Password Management for Small Businesses

We all know the struggle. With so many accounts these days, it’s currently projected that the average Internet user will have over 200 passwords to remember by 2020! And as we know, small business owners are more than likely above average with that many more programs and potential employees to be responsible for. So what’s […]

Hooked on Caffeine: 3 Healthier Ways

This time of year when the temperature fluctuates between freezing and the high sixties in the same day, and before daylight savings, caffeine is often one of the few things keeping us going. Small business owners especially often load up as they work unusual schedules that can be inconsistent due to client’s needs; here at […]

3 Ways to Handle Inclement Weather

Today’s winter storm has closed most local schools and governments in the Denver Metro Area. This weather is also likely to put a damper on small business owners as well.  It can be difficult to decide whether to reschedule a meeting with a client, or to decide to be open for business due to fluctuations […]

Top 10 Trends That Will Change The Way We Work in 2016

  Top 10 Trends That Will Change The Way We Work in 2016 Remote Work As an employer, restricting your hiring to a small geographic region means you’re not getting the best people you can. As an employee, restricting your job search to companies within a reasonable commute means you’re not working for the best […]

5 Great Denver Coffee Shops

When temperatures hang around the low 30s at best during the Colorado winter, finding a source of warmth and comfort is necessary to help get through the season!  Fortunately, independently owned Denver coffee shops are numerous. Most have unique and high quality coffee blends to give you the inner warmth and buzz you seek! We […]

Gifts Beyond Starbucks Gift Cards

We’re sure you don’t need a reminder that Christmas is just three days away! But, as always, we wanted to do the best we could to help out during crunch time to hopefully make life easier. Today we discuss some last minute gifts that go above and beyond a Starbucks gift card to show associates, […]