Denver Startup Week 2017

It’s finally here! September 25th begins the annual Denver Startup week. The events throughout the week are focused on  “innovation for founders, developers, product managers, designers, marketers, sales teams, and makers;” if you are part of a small business, this is the week for you! 

Lessons Learned from Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday kick-started the presidential nominee campaign (though I’m sure we’ve all seen enough ads in the last few months leading up to this day!). We hope you did your civic duty and got out there to vote for your choice in candidates, but thought we’d mention a few things all small business owners can take […]

Twitter Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you’re reading this, you’re likely  not a stranger to social media. We’ve discussed the importance of promoting one’s business utilizing the Internet and the free tools it has to offer, as well as some platforms.  But today, we thought we’d emphasize specifics of Twitter and some general guidelines of daily use to maintain a […]

Stock Show: Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend

The National Western Stock Show is in town for its 110th year. If you’re new to the Denver area, or new to being an entrepreneur, we’ve come up with some reasons why attending the stock show is a great idea for small business owners!

Avoid the Nickle and Dime in 2016

Along with the arrival of 2016, chances are you’ve at least reviewed finances and set some goals you’d like to strive for over the course of the year (if not, shame on you; we’ve discussed the importance of an annual review in multiple posts!). Hopefully you know where you stand and know how much money […]

5 Twitter Accounts for #Startups to Follow

In the past, we’ve discussed the ever growing importance for an online presence, particularly with social media.  Having an active digital voice allows you to showcase your brand, network with ease, boost traffic, and ultimately land more sales.  Beyond simply existing, however, it’s equally as important to network with quality contacts and companies.  This can […]

Halloween and Financial Gain?

When costly holidays come to mind, most immediately jump to Christmas and its’ vast expanse of numerous presents and high quality food and travel.  But in truth, Halloween is quite costly as well being second ONLY to Christmas, with Americans spending close to $6.9 billion each year! In fact, the average American will spend $74.34 […]

Accepting Electronic Payments

Despite the year being 2015, many small, private business owners still accept only cash, check, or money orders as terms of payment.  Many companies still bill via mailed paper invoicing, even, believing this option is the best, most structured and easily maintained method for their customers.  Yet, in today’s world, especially for a small business […]

Business Card Tips for Entrepreneurs

With summer winding down and the school year starting up again, many small business owners are getting back into the mind set of business.  What better way to start the fall season with some fresh business cards?  They’re a quick and easy way to spread the word of your company, and keeping them new and […]

Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

In today’s world of ever-growing technology, getting work done from home or for a private business is easier than ever!  All that is often required is a computer and Internet connection, as well as an email address to be tied to for registration. Today we discuss some of the best technology tools on the Internet, […]