Always Have a Backup! Tips for Solopreneurs

When you’re a small business owner, particularly as the only employee, it’s important to have a backup or two in place.  Being human, there are bound to be times when you are unavailable or something unexpected comes up. The last thing you want is to lose business, get a bad review, or come across as […]

Nearby Broomfield Virtual Offices

Noted for being a good halfway point between Boulder and Denver, our new Broomfield Virtual Offices location is situated right off of highway 36, is minutes from the flat irons shopping center, and boasts fantastic views of the rocky mountain Front Range.  The drop-in space and three conference rooms make it a great place to […]

Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs start their business with the full intention of doing it all.  They are independent and spend considerable time and energy ensuring their own company’s success; after all, their motivation comes from within!  However, there are some tasks that are occasional and tedious that a small business owner may find best to outsource to […]

Accepting Electronic Payments

Despite the year being 2015, many small, private business owners still accept only cash, check, or money orders as terms of payment.  Many companies still bill via mailed paper invoicing, even, believing this option is the best, most structured and easily maintained method for their customers.  Yet, in today’s world, especially for a small business […]

Hiring Within a Small Business

One of the benefits of being a small business owner, many cite, is the ability to have a say in who we get to work with. These include clients, business partners, and, of course, employees. But even when hiring individuals is within our own discretion, sometimes business owners still end up with sub-par employees that […]

Virtual Doesn’t Mean Faceless

In today’s world of being exceptionally Internet focused and reliant for small businesses, it’s easy to get caught up in the craze and utilize what technology allows.  So many  common occurrences within a business can now be accomplished remotely, going so far as to not even require personal meetings anymore! However, while these technological advances […]

Tax Season: Time for a Reliable Accountan

Tax Season: Time for a Reliable Accountant

As a small business owner, it’s common for accounting to take a back seat to the needs of day-to-day business. January is the start of tax season, and is the time to complete 1099’s, finalize year-end numbers and begin work on taxes. It’s also the time to consider who can be trusted to help insure […]

holiday season help

Wish Your Business Had An Elf This Holiday Season?

Fortunately, it Can! Each year, it seems small business owners become busier than ever. This includes increased phone call volume, and having more frequent meetings with clients, as well as an increased sense of urgency to complete projects before the end of the year. How are such busy entrepreneurs going to accomplish everything needed before […]

Last Chance For A Summer Vacation

The Question is – Do You Unplug? Many small business owners, me included, find it very hard to just walk away from our business for any length of time. Most of us became entrepreneurs so that we could have freedom, but today’s technology has changed our lives forever. So there are really two schools of […]

Lowering Your Business’ Opportunity Costs

As a small business owner we often wear many hats. One moment you’re a, bookkeeper, next you’re the mail clerk, then a receptionist, and a human resource expert, IT personnel, and on and on.  At times, this can be somewhat exciting and can be part of the joy of running your own business – I […]