Ways to Enjoy More Summer as a Small Business Owner

With summer comes the longing for vacation, spending time outdoors, baseball games, and spending time with family. Fortunately, as a small business owner, it’s more likely you can attain this freedom (more so than your average employee equivalent!) . That said, it’s still important to stay in touch with one’s work and not get carried […]

How to Stay in Touch While Remote

As a small business owner in today’s world, you may not have a “home-base” permanent office. In fact, majority of our clients have “virtual offices” where they may have a mailbox or use a desk or conference room as needed, but are otherwise “off the grid” as far as office real estate goes. This saves […]

Always Have a Backup! Tips for Solopreneurs

When you’re a small business owner, particularly as the only employee, it’s important to have a backup or two in place.  Being human, there are bound to be times when you are unavailable or something unexpected comes up. The last thing you want is to lose business, get a bad review, or come across as […]

Closure for 2015, Planned Progress for 2016

It may be difficult for some to believe, but Thanksgiving is already almost upon us, just a little over a week away.  Because most of us, or at least our associates and clients will likely have increasingly busy schedules the week of Thanksgiving and even thereafter, this week is likely the best time to reassess […]

The Parent Entrepreneur

For many entrepreneurs, one of the strongest motivations to be a small business owner is the increased availability it can provide when it comes to spending time with family, particularly children younger than school age.  Small business owners are typically able to work from home much of the time and can avoid paying expensive childcare […]

Servicing Attorneys

Because of the versatile and diverse field of law, Denver Virtual Offices, along with The Boardroom Executive Suites, services all types of attorneys both virtually and in-house.  Despite an average attorney’s variable needs, we’ve done our best as a small business support company to make ourselves available to meet these needs as much as possible.  […]

The Future of “Working”

As more and more individuals are being given the opportunity to work more uniquely, small business owners aren’t the only ones utilizing conference rooms, virtual offices, and co-working spaces.  This is likely due to vast improvements in technology that have allowed a great deal more to be achieved from wherever Internet access prevails, allowing professionals […]

The Benefits of Having a Receptionist

As a small business owner it can be difficult to decide where money is spent to help ensure your company’s success.  While all businesses are unique based off of the owner’s preferences, small and large companies tend to agree that having a receptionist is extremely helpful in regards to staying focused, organized, and creating a […]

LoDo Location Grand Opening

Finally, after many months of planning and preparation, the doors to the lower downtown Denver Virtual Offices location will open for business. The grand opening will kick off with an open house for existing clients, potential new clients, as well as vendors and neighboring businesses in the Union Station (LoDo) area.  The event includes the […]

Maintain and Attract New Clients

Without large-scale corporate funding it can be difficult for small business owners, especially solopreneurs, to get their business started and promote their own success.  Even with sufficient funds, it’s important for a private business’s money to be spent wisely and effectively, particularly in the first phases of a start-up to cushion any future unforeseen events. […]