Password Management for Small Businesses

We all know the struggle. With so many accounts these days, it’s currently projected that the average Internet user will have over 200 passwords to remember by 2020! And as we know, small business owners are more than likely above average with that many more programs and potential employees to be responsible for. So what’s […]

5 Bizarre Small Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

When debating whether to start a small business, many of us struggle with our initial ideas. We ask ourselves, “Is there a demand for that type of contractor?” or “Is that something feasibly sustainable in the long-run to base my livelihood off of?” These are all great questions, but in hopes of inspiring our readers […]

Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office with an Answering Service

In the past, a business owner was very limited to the type of workspace they could use. Long gone are the days of brick and mortar office spaces. These days, more and more business owners are utilizing the power that comes with using a virtual office. There are a number of different perks that come […]

International Women’s Day

Today, there are more female entrepreneurs than ever before! In celebration of International Women’s Day 2016, we thought we’d recognize a few historical women entrepreneurs with ties to the Denver area, as well as some of their fantastic and contributory accomplishments to the modern world of business.  

Congrats Broncos! 5 Things We Can Learn

With today’s parade storming downtown Denver (and us being lucky enough to be on the parade’s route at our 1625 17th location) we’re joining in celebrating our Denver Broncos’ Superbowl win!  Today we highlight five lessons entrepreneurs can learn from our champion football team to also become successful in life’s endeavors. 

Stock Show: Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend

The National Western Stock Show is in town for its 110th year. If you’re new to the Denver area, or new to being an entrepreneur, we’ve come up with some reasons why attending the stock show is a great idea for small business owners!

Colorado Gives Day 2015

December 8th marks the charity driven Colorado Gives Day, where we are encouraged to donate to worthwhile charities in support of our community. In the Denver Metro Area, there is no shortage of quality programs to donate to, but we included a list of some of our favorites below.  

Business Card Tips for Entrepreneurs

With summer winding down and the school year starting up again, many small business owners are getting back into the mind set of business.  What better way to start the fall season with some fresh business cards?  They’re a quick and easy way to spread the word of your company, and keeping them new and […]

The Artist Entrepreneur

The summer months are especially favorable to art festivals, gallery walks, and local art shows, with Denver and Boulder being some of the most beneficial areas to display in.  Visitors and tourists come from all over the country and often long for a taste of rocky mountain art-scape and other pieces unique to the area.  […]

Celebrating Independence in July

Despite the 4th being a few weeks ago, all month long we’re celebrating independence; that is, the independent small business owners that have the freedom to pursue their own passions in the form of self-sustaining careers.  We’d like to take a moment to reflect on these positive aspects of entrepreneurship and why they are worth celebrating!