On the Move: Small Business Tips for Relocation

There’s no doubt that having to relocate one’s small business can be a huge headache. Whether it’s up the street or across the nation, it can be a struggle to maintain client relationships while finding a new address. But, sometimes it’s for the best. If you can save money, have better amenities, or a faster […]

How to Stay in Touch While Remote

As a small business owner in today’s world, you may not have a “home-base” permanent office. In fact, majority of our clients have “virtual offices” where they may have a mailbox or use a desk or conference room as needed, but are otherwise “off the grid” as far as office real estate goes. This saves […]

5 Best Things About Being a Small Business Owner Today

It’s easy to get caught up in pessimism today. Day in and out, we hear something new and disappointing, either in the media, within social media platforms, or through our own relationships.  Not to mention the amount of uncertainty we face at the moment as far as the economy goes; chances are, you remember the […]

Things To Do In 2018 As A Small Business Owner

Now that we’ve reached the second week of the year, we thought we’d discuss a few things all small businesses should look into in 2018. These aren’t resolutions or goals, but rather some friendly business tips to ensure 2018 is a successful year for you and your company.

Co-Working Still Exploding in Denver

What many considered just a fad has no end in sight for momentum. Denver continues to be a booming capital of co-working spaces. There has been a 62% increase in this new-age real estate just within the last nine months. Real estate experts are taking full notice of the co-working activity in the Denver/Boulder area, as […]

Signs Your Business Needs a Virtual Office

Over time, many business owners will begin to feel trapped and restricted by their traditional office space. Having to be in one place for an extended period of time is enough to make anyone stir crazy. One of the best ways to avoid these types of feelings is by choosing a virtual office for your […]

How to Beat Virtual Office Space Procrastination

One of the biggest enemies that any small business owner has is procrastination. Without the right amount of drive, it can be very easy for a small business to fold in a relatively short amount of time. A virtual office space user will have to take the time to make sure that they stay on […]

Essential Rules to Follow in Your Virtual Workspace

Among the biggest decisions a business owner will have to make is whether or not to operate from a virtual workspace. There are a number of options out there in the world of workspace and finding the right one for your business will harder than you think. If you decide on working from a virtual […]

Tips On Interviewing Employees For Your Virtual Office

As a small business begins to grows, the need for more employees will begin to grow. Finding good help is a vital part in making sure that your business stays running smoothly. The best way to gauge the character and work ethic of a person is by conducting an extensive interview in your executive suite […]

What is a Virtual Office Space And Why Is it Beneficial?

Do you want the ability to work from anywhere? Would you love to connect with your business, clients and customers from the beach, a plane or even halfway around the world from your home? If so, then you may love the benefits offered by a virtual office space. Benefits of Virtual Office Space Virtual office […]