Favorite Amenities of Shared Office Spaces

Coworking and shared office spaces are all the rage today with so many small business owners/employees/entrepreneurs that are able to work remotely or might not need an entire office space to themselves. If you find yourself as one of these individuals that doesn’t require much more than a dedicated workspace with a computer, numerous options are available facility-wise that offer their own flavors of service. However, across the board, different populations and age groups seem to prefer different amenities. For this post, we discuss popular amenities across shared workspaces (some of which we incorporate at Denver Virtual Offices!), in hopes of helping you prioritize what matters to you most.

  • A place to unwind. Something most modern workplaces have in common is a lounge or wellness room for members to take breaks and step away from their desks. These are often equipped with comfortable furniture and televisions, but some also include board games or Foosball tables. If you live close to your office or find you don’t have a lot of down-time, this amenity might not matter as much to you, but for many (especially in the millennial or gen z age group) having access to this type of space is crucial to their professional well-being!
  • Complimentary beverages/snacks. This might especially be the case for coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Having quick access to an energy booster might be what you need to get through a tough day, and no one wants to have to go far to seek it out.  At Denver Virtual Offices, we ensure coffee and tea are readily available to our clients and their guests.
  • 24/7 access. Part of the entrepreneurial model is the ability to work how you want, when you want, even if that’s 3am. That makes having 24/7 access a must for many small business owners or coworkers. Just check that your office is in a safe location or has security staff on sight if personal safety is a concern.
  • Outdoor space. Those of us residing in Colorado know that getting a chance to bask in the sunshine is no joke, and many facilities are doing the best they can to offer rooftop access or patio workspaces whenever the weather allows. Plus, getting some fresh air and a change of scenery is supposedly beneficial to our mental health and might for more productive workdays. Just note the size of these spaces and number of power outlets when visiting spaces; chances are, they might fill up quickly!
  •  A place for your pooch. If long hours are common, having the ability to take your furry friend with you to the office can save a lot of time and stress. Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming especially common, and for good reason. Workers report being less stressed, having boosted confidence and self-esteem, and overall increased productivity when their canine companions are able to safely and comfortably accompany them to work. Some provisions are likely in place (proof of vaccine records, having good manners, etc.), but if your buddy is a canine good citzien, chances are you can find a facility that will welcome him with open paws.
  • A social calendar. The small business/entrepreneurial world can be a lonely one, so it’s no wonder many seek workplaces that offer a regular social calendar for non-work-related activities. Some offer occasional yoga classes, professional speakers, pizza nights, or generally offer other opportunities to network with others.
  • Nearby conveniences. Most coworking facilities are rarely located in the middle of nowhere. They are often surrounded by modern conveniences, such as lunch restaurants, gyms, spas, and bars. If running errands during breaks is important to you, be sure you choose a centrally located workspace and pay close attention to the surrounding area. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, after all!

Many workspace communities are starting to resemble club memberships, but for how much time we spend at our offices, it’s well worth the effort to be sure you work in a place you enjoy the atmosphere of! Amenities can add so much to our day-to-day lives if we find value in them, so find something that meets your needs and works well for you.

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