Gift Ideas for Those Who Have Everything

So, we’ve already discussed holiday cards and types that can be sent to associates, customers, and employees, but what about gift ideas? Sending gifts in a more professional relationship can be challenging, so we’ve outlined a few gift suggestions that might just do the trick. Bonus: many of these can be given near-last minute!

  • Gift an Experience. A large number of business large and small offer gift certificates or in-advance purchses. If you know what the individual likes to do (like having a spa day, going bowling, or something more specific). Groupon is a great resource for finding local gift cards and activities you can easily gift to anyone with an email address!
  • Gift Something Edible. Even for associates who possibly make more than you, everyone can appreciate a nice gift basket of edible goodies. These exist for all occasions, and for all types of snackers: cookies, popcorn, or even healthy fruits and nuts! Chances are, they can share them with others in their office or at home during the holiday season.
  • Gift Something Only You Can Give. It might be cheesy, but something like, “Best Employee Ever” gifts are very limited as to who can give them, and chances are, they won’t receive multiples of these types of items. At least they’ll be unique!
  • Gift a Gift Card. If you know your associate’s favorite places to eat or get coffee, a gift card can be a great choice in gift that they will surely use and appreciate. They might also appreciate the extent that you pay special attention to their tastes and feel well recognized!
  • Gift to a Charity. This type of gift can come in the form of a card that notifies the individual that a gift sum has been given in their name to a charity of your choosing (or more ideally, a charity you know they support and find value in).

Sometimes, a card will certainly suffice, but for a more personal professional relationship, going the extra mile to show your gratitude can be well worth the effort. Remember, a great gift can keep you in good favor all year long if it is memorable and enjoyed thoroughly! From all of us at Denver Virtual Offices, we hope you have a wonderful holiday, regardless of the gifts you send or receive.

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