“Lighten Up!” Ways Lighting Can Brighten Your Day (and Work Space)

Studies have shown that workers and employees alike rank the importance of lighting as higher than most other work space attributes; even above office size, noise level, and cleanliness! To be fair, lighting impacts our most basic states of  being, including our circadian rhythm, that truly has influence over how well we function as human beings. We have a biological need for light, and having too little of it can dramatically affect our lives, let alone our productivity at the office. With this in mind, we offer some helpful tips to small business owners, employees, and those who work in coworking spaces to best utilize light to keep our work spirits well-lit and efficient as possible!

  • Create a lighting atmosphere with both direct and indirect lights. This can be accomplished by having a variety of light sources. Have a desk lamp, overhead light, free-standing light, etc. so that you have more control over the effects and where the light direction goes at any point during the day.
  • Decor can help. Shiny, reflective decorations like mirrors and metallic items can help further boost your environment if you spend time enhancing your lighting and lighting surfaces. Also pay attention to the types of bulbs you purchase; as discussed in our previous post, color can have a wide variety of impact, and this can also be utilized when choosing your lighting options.
  • Capture as much daylight as possible. This is especially important when working a shared or coworking space.  If you get to choose your desk or office, always try to choose a spot by a window.  If this isn’t an option, try to make a point of stepping outside for breaks often. Go for a walk, or hop off your bus/train a stop sooner and walk the rest of the way. Enjoy those 300 days of sunshine that Denver has to offer! Experts indicate we should get at least fifteen to thirty minutes of natural light several days a week. 
  • Power up! If you have a deadline you need to meet or didn’t sleep well, it’s becoming well known that the blue light emitted by computers and phones interrupts our production of melatonin. While this is usually a bad thing, especially in the hours before bed, you can use it to your advantage in the office by turning up the brightness on your monitor for longer projects.

Let your creativity soar beyond the simple included overhead fluorescent light that might accompany your office! Taking the time to manipulate lighting in one’s workspace can have more influence than any other topic we’ve discussed when it comes to our basic biological senses. For more ideas and inspiration on office lighting, check out dmlights.com.

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