Navigating New Terrain: Finding New Customers as a Small Business Owner

We’ve been on the subject of moving and relocation for a few weeks, but figured most anyone might benefit from the subject of locating new customers. This can happen at any point, moving or not, and is something all small business owners should be keeping tabs on. Regardless, if you’re new to an area or just got your startup rolling, these tips might help get you settled.

  • Freshen up your image. This will be easy enough if you’re a startup, but make sure it looks exactly as you’d like it to before going live. If you’re established, add some flair to your business persona. Consulting a professional may be well worth the investment.
  • Give incentives. Nothing attracts new customers like free services or consultations. Yes, it takes time and money, but getting customers in the door is half the battle. Make their experience with your business memorable (in a good way!) when you have their attention, and they’re likely to come back again and again. This is all the more important if your business is something very common and you need to take the opportunity to stand out.
  • Know your customer. Take time to analyze your target market, and find out where they live, what they do, and where they hang. Then, advertise there or release your incentives where your market can access them.
  • Get in the news. This can be easier said than done, but not impossible. If you’re opening a new restaurant or a startup with a twist, see if a section in the local paper might want to cover your hot new idea. If you’re an expert in a field, lend your voice as a knowledgeable professional in the area to get your name and title out. Be creative!
  • Network. This is a tip recommended all the time, but that’s because it helps on so many levels. Take the time to know your location, be a friendly face to neighbors (business or otherwise), and participate in small business events as much as possible. Small businesses like to help one another when they can, but if nothing else, you’ll learn about the local financial market and other’s experiences in the field.

Overall, Denver is ranked as one of the top metropolitan areas for small business, so if you find yourself new to Denver, you certainly aren’t alone and have plenty of potential within reach. At Denver Virtual Offices, we offer tips and suggest networking opportunities whenever possible. We’ve also met many different small business owners, and are happy to introduce you to others upon request! Check in with one of our front desk staff members if you’re new in town and are looking to scout out the surrounding area or learn about upcoming events.

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