On the Move: Small Business Tips for Relocation

There’s no doubt that having to relocate one’s small business can be a huge headache. Whether it’s up the street or across the nation, it can be a struggle to maintain client relationships while finding a new address. But, sometimes it’s for the best. If you can save money, have better amenities, or a faster commute, taking the plunge may be worthwhile. If you find or have found yourself in this predicament, we have a few tips for a more seamless relocation:

  • Hire Professional Movers. Unless you have a virtual office, movers tend to be a fantastic, worthwhile investment. A company bonded and insured will get your furniture and files where they need to be with no damage.  They will also prevent any potential insurance problems with your building lease.  Not to mention, it will likely save you a lot of time and frustration with trying to rent a trunk separately and move items yourself; especially if you are in the downtown area where parking can be a nightmare.
  • Get Labeling. Whether using boxes or plastic bins, label everything as you go, and on top as well as the sides (so the content is still legible even when stacked). This is especially important for client or project files. You don’t want to have to root through every last box for that one client signature page in a hurry. Remember that solid organization is a huge part of what makes moving more bearable.
  • Purge Away. Relocation is the best excuse for purging and shredding unnecessary items or files and getting rid of the excess. Give your new office a fresh clean slate with no extra junk that you have to pay to tow along with you. If you can’t part with any files, considering electronically scanning them and upping your online storage, so you can recreate them at any point if needed.
  • Update Vendors and Customers in Advance. One of the hardest parts of relocating is making sure your valuable customers know where to find you, and don’t make a special trip for nothing to come see you and be disappointed (that’s how you lose business!). Be sure to notify all vendors and clients well in advance of your move, and take this opportunity to let them know how valuable they are and how you will be more than happy to continue servicing them from your new location.
  • Stay on Top of To-Do Lists. There is an awful lot to remember when moving, and it’s easy to forget significant items. Take time weeks in advance to be sure things like mail is properly forwarded, you read up on what the rules for moving are in both office buildings, and all deposits are accounted for.

No one likes the process of relocation; it’s time consuming, frustrating, and disruptive to one’s work. But hopefully, if done right, some of that stress can be minimized and numerous problems prevented. If you’re relocating to or from any of our Denver Virtual Office locations, be sure to check in with the front desk ahead of time. We are happy to provide resources, tips, and suggestions to make your relocation as smooth as possible!


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