Overcoming Exhaustion as a Small Business Owner

Exhaustion is bound to happen at some point.

Rare is the small business owner who has a reliable 9-5 with no variability. Much more common is the owner who fluctuates between what could be considered leisurely and near insanity.  Because we know all too many *very* busy entrepreneurs and business owners always on the move, we thought a few tips for avoiding over-exhaustion might be worth a read.

  • Remember Your Humanity. That is, the fact that you, yourself, are human. You may want and feel the need to do everything and anything in your small business, but it’s important to recognize your limits.
  • Keep an end in sight, and capitalize on it. Sure, some all day, every day projects might consume your life for a while. But once they’re over, take a break for yourself. Do nothing, and savor it. Taking the time to recharge and refocus is what can prevent ultimate burnout in the long-run, and is a step that is often overlooked.
  • Do what you need, but don’t let it consume you. This can relate to projects, your work, or even coffee. But in terms of coffee as an example, let’s say you start drinking coffee all day, every day. You start to *need* coffee, and start forgetting your life before it existed. Your entire morning, productivity, and ability to do anything revolves around getting more coffee. For sure, we understand that coffee is awesome. So much so that we provide it for you at Denver Virtual Office locations! But once your project is over and you are on that break we just mentioned above, if you still find yourself existing solely on coffee, it might be a good idea to tone it back for a while. Coffee is a useful (and often tasty) tool to get us through life, just as a project or work might be. But take care that it doesn’t *consume* your very existence.

Among the pros and cons of small business ownership, flexibility and potential for burnout are always significant. To stay on top of your game and continue to love what you do, be sure to do whatever you can to keep focused, not overdue it, and stay realistic. We wholeheartedly support a quality work-life-balance at Denver Virtual Offices! We are always open to hearing your voice on what makes being a business owner easier. Shoot us a message and let us know, so we can too can avoid getting too far lost in what we do!

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