Why Do Small Business Owners Need New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s believed that the tradition of New Year’s resolutions date back to 153 B.C. via the God, Janus, who represented the month of January. Janus was said to have two faces, with each face figuratively looking towards the future, and one towards the past (and, if you gifted Janus, he might just forgive your wrongdoings in the past!). Thus, resolutions were born! 

Now that Christmas and Hanukkah are over, most people are now directing their attention to their New Year plans and looking forward to the next three day weekend (if they get one and say, aren’t entrepreneurs like you might be!). But with that comes the annual push for looking towards the future and finding ways to better themselves in the year ahead. Sure, we are all familiar with New Year’s resolutions for ourselves as individuals just as the Romans did, but should you create a resolution for your small business? The following suggest a firm “yes.”

  1. Maintain a sense of accomplishment. Did you make a resolution last year? Even if not, or if you didn’t reach your goal, taking a moment to reflect on where you were a year ago vs. where you are now is a great motivation tool for moving forward. Sometimes it’s a good idea to make several resolutions, both big and small to help you stay on top of all your goals to move in a single progressive motion.
  2. Get a reality check. Maybe you aren’t where you hoped you’d be at this point. So, take time to address what strayed from your vision, and what is in your power to change to help make that vision come true to get closer next year. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, or even a year. But having a sense of where to go from your current spot can be half the battle.
  3. Look towards the future. Nothing wrong with a little optimism, so you have our permission to daydream for a moment and envision your ideal future for your small business. What do you want most? What do you most want to avoid? What would make you the most happy? And, of course, what will it take to achieve that and how far off are you?  Again, these visions can be both big and small, but taking the them to flesh them out can help to motivate you to formulate more concrete ideas about what you want or need to accomplish within the next year to get one step closer.

As part of Denver Virtual Offices, one of our favorite aspects of our work is reflecting on the many clients we’ve gotten to share our time with each year, and of course, watching them grow and reach their potentials.  In likeness, we wish all our clients, associates, former and current members the very best in 2018, and enjoy being part of their success. Happy New Year!

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