Spring Cleaning for Small Business Owners

This week marked the first day of Spring in 2018! But before you go out and enjoy the Colorado sunshine and warmer weather, perhaps take a moment to consider some spring cleaning for your small business. Now that the season has changed, it’s a great time to catch up on routine business maintenance to keep your entity running like clockwork all year long. Check out five spring cleaning tips for small businesses.

  • Give your website¬† and social media accounts an extra set of eyes. By this, we mean, check them out to be sure they are in working order, look great, and work well.
  • Replant some flowers and grow some seeds. We refer to staff shuffling here, as well as planting them with ideas to help your business grow. If you have multiple employees, consider moving staff duties around if some things aren’t working as well as they could. And by providing new alternatives and ideas to them, you just might help inspire your staff with more success.
  • Sow your rows. In this case, we mean to organize your emails and electronic files as best as you can. Even if you’ve already done a great job of organizing, take a moment to consider if there’s a more efficient way they could be kept. It’s worth a pause, even if only done just once a year.
  • Reassess the soil. That is, take a step back and look at your surroundings. Breathe in your long-term business goals and take notice of where you stand now. It may sound a bit existential, but pausing to realize where you are, literally and figuratively is only beneficial; especially if you don’t do it very often!
  • Give it a good hosing off. In the literal sense, clean up your office.¬† Get rid of old stickies you don’t need, handle all those loose papers that should be scanned, filed, or shredded, and for goodness sake, use some compressed air on your keyboard and wipe down with a disinfectant wipe afterwards. For good measure, go over everything with a disinfectant wipe that won’t be damaged. One doesn’t like to think about how often these are used, but how rarely they are actually cleaned!

With a fresh start mentally and physically, you’ll be re-energized and ready to take on everything the rest of the year has to offer you! While some of us are still recovering from daylight savings time, take comfort in the fact that preparing ahead of time and being proactive moving forward will only help your business continue down the path of success. Happy Spring!

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