Surviving Thanksgiving: 3 Tips for Small Business Owners

This Thursday leads another year of tradition around the dinner table with family, friends, and catching up.  While everyone is sure to tell you about how wonderfully things have been going for them, the focus is sure to land on you at some point, for better or worse.  After all, the fascination of small business ownership never seems to go away, and it seems like every visitor has a dozen questions for you, loaded at the ready. In hopes of making things go a little smoother, we’ve included some helpful tips on getting through the Thanksgiving holiday this year, hopefully with a smile still on your face! 

  1. Brush up on your elevator pitch. Especially if you’re a relatively new small business owner, have a short run down at the ready of what you do and how you do it in ways that most people will understand. It’s best to not be caught off guard, as confidence can be key to getting cousin Tracy to leave her interrogation tactics at the door.
  2. Focus on your passions. The Minimalists encourage all individuals to steer conversations from “what do you do?” to “I am passionate about…” to avoid having family and acquaintances try to superficially size you up based upon your career (as if that’s all you are). Especially if your small business is something you are (hopefully) passionate about, let that be obvious. Your family will have a harder time judging you at this more abstract take on what you do for work.
  3. Talk about your recent accomplishments. Whether this be hiring your first employee, making a very difficult sale, or getting your website up and running, focusing more on your achievements is going to lead the conversation to a more upbeat, positive direction…and ultimately one that will make you look and sound like you’re on the road to success.
  4. Put emphasis on small business as a whole. Remind family members how importance small business is to the economy. After all, small businesses account for 55% of all U.S. jobs and 66% of new job growth in the last forty years! For bonus points, even see if you can get them to participate in Small Business Saturday (November 27th this year).
  5. Don’t be afraid to turn the tables. After a while, interested family members might start to feel like a collaborative interrogation. It’s perfectly okay to redirect the conversation back to them when you get a chance. Ask them what they’re passionate about and how their company’s business is doing. Tie it in casually to what you’ve been doing in terms they will easily understand if simplicity is the best policy (trust us, we know those family members!).

At Denver Virtual Offices, you already know we’re more than supportive of all our members! We wish you the best of Thanksgiving holidays this year, and will be happy to help in any way we are able before, during, or after the holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday!


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