The Color of Productivity

We’ve touched on other senses that promote or hinder one’s productivity in the office, but how an office looks, specifically in terms of color, remains another outstanding source of function for office workers. Yes, that’s right; numerous studies have shown that what color your office is supposedly has impact on how workers work by influencing their moods. Not everyone has control over their wall-colors, particularly those in shared workspaces, but displaying color accents wherever possible might still reap in some benefits associated with specific colors as mentioned below.

  • Don’t Stay Neutral. A study conducted by the University of Texas found that beige, white, and gray tended to illicit feelings of sadness and depression, particularly in female participants. If you have the ability to change the walls from one of these colors, it may be well worth the effort.
  • Creative Juices Flow With Yellow. If you’re an artsy type or regularly need to channel inner creativity, it’s been found that shades of yellow facilitate innovation and out-of-the-box expression. Keep things optimistic, fresh, and elegant with this lemony hue.
  • Caution: Red Alert. While firefighters and most emergency response teams utilize red, it’s no wonder we are conditioned to feel a sense of urgency when we see this color. Because of that, it might not be the best idea to paint an office wall-to-wall in wine, but if there’s something you want or need to highlight, red is sure to draw the eyes.
  • Green: Go, Go, GO! It’s been researched that green is a great choice for those workers who tend to have long hours. It doesn’t strain the eyes over time and has a calming effect without becoming overwhelming.
  • Stay True, Blue. The universal color of calm, blue tends to have a soothing effect that stabilized the mood of those around it. And, we tend to not get sick of it either, which makes focusing on work tasks nice and easy. Some experts recommend panting entire offices in a nice blue hue, and then utilizing other colors as accents where different emotions might be needed.

Keep in mind that color doesn’t have to only exist on walls; furniture and paintings can add touches of color where needed. If you’re a Denver Virtual Offices member and are interested in painting walls or renting furniture, we may be able to help give your workspace the colorful makeover you crave. Feel free to contact us and see if we can lend some ideas (or a paintbrush) to help make your space one that meets all your visual needs for productivity!

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