Things to be Thankful for as a Small Business Owner

thankfulCongratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through another potentially grueling Thanksgiving with family members who may or may not understand what it’s like to run a small business. In hopes of keeping confidence and optimism high as we continue through the holiday season, we’ve decided to compose a short list of things small business owners should be thankful for. Keep these in mind when things get tough or the thought of, “what on earth was I thinking?!” comes across. In truth, being a small business owner has an awful lot of undisputed perks we’d like to keep our readers mindful of.

  • Me, Myself, and I: If you’re a small business owner, you get to be your own boss. Everything you do if for your own benefit, not someone else’s. You often set your own hours, can be flexible, and don’t need to check in with anyone before heading out on a business trip or to get vacation time approved.
  • You’re an Important Part of the Community. It’s up to you how, where, and when you support your local community. Perhaps you sponsor a local baseball team, or set up a drive for causes you truly believe in. As part of the community, you have a face to your small business and can support others who are also smaller entities with a personal touch, rather than just handing over a stone-cold corporate check.
  • Successes, and Failures. Chances are, you’ve had to overcome some serious obstacles this year, and it’s worth it to pause, reflect, and pat yourself on the back for these.  You’ve probably also experienced some failures, but these are also important, and how we learn to move forward. This might have been a major theme in the children’s film, “Meet the Robinson’s,” but that shouldn’t take away from how very true the message is. Keep moving forward!
  • It’s the 21st Century. Could you imagine going back and being a lawyer, financial adviser, or, worse, in the tech industry even 100 years ago? While technology can arguably make things more complicated, the fact that the Internet is a thing alone is huge. Imagine for a moment trying to market to thousands of people back in 1917, or worse, telling them how to manage their money after the banks failed during the Depression. Things aren’t perfect, but there is something to be said for where we are now and the tools we have access to that help us succeed. We also like to think that services offered at Denver Virtual Offices are also helpful, whether it be phone answering, mail receiving, or conference room usage!

Whether for better or worse (but we think mostly for better), being a small business owner is something you should embrace and try to see the brighter side of whenever possible. We hope each of our readers and clients had a fantastic holiday, and send our warmest regards to each family as the season continues forward. Happy start of Season’s Greetings!

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