Things To Do In 2018 As A Small Business Owner

Now that we’ve reached the second week of the year, we thought we’d discuss a few things all small businesses should look into in 2018. These aren’t resolutions or goals, but rather some friendly business tips to ensure 2018 is a successful year for you and your company.

  1. Organize your office. These include your books, awards, business cards, etc. Consolidate unsightly paperwork or scan or file them completely. Make your office a place you want to be to ensure utmost productivity in the new year.
  2. Take a moment to reflect. What were your strengths in 2017? What were your weaknesses? What would you like to improve upon? You’ve probably thought about improvements already and encompassed them in your resolutions, but it’s also beneficial to reflect on achievements as well. Stay positive! If you have a team, now is a good time to reflect with them as well, and a great time to introduce new policies you’d like enforced.
  3. Be sure your technology is up to date. Give your website a look over. Check it with your phone. Double-check grammar, and the general impression. Ask someone new what they think of it with a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes, features slip through the cracks without us noticing, since, as small business owners, we don’t use our own website tools on the regular. Always good to be sure things are up and running smoothly!
  4. Check on taxes. The new tax law is good for some, but not all. Take some time to research if and how the new tax laws will affect your small business, and by what margin.
  5. Look into healthcare. Along with changes in government come more changes in policy. Things should be set for 2018, but lots of changes are on the horizon for 2019. Individuals can no longer sign up for health care at, and the new law removes the requirement for individuals to purchase insurance beginning in 2019. A few years ago, when the Affordable Care Act was put into place, many small business owners refrained from offering health insurance to employees. Knowing this is no longer an option for them, it might be something to look into for the future, or at least be well-read about.

It goes without saying that not all change is good. But as small business owners, it’s important that we stay in the loop and try to ride the waves as they come to stay afloat. Whatever helps you along in 2018 that seems worth a try over anything attempted in 2017 (or did work for you back then) is worth giving a go in the new year!

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