Ways to Enjoy More Summer as a Small Business Owner

With summer comes the longing for vacation, spending time outdoors, baseball games, and spending time with family. Fortunately, as a small business owner, it’s more likely you can attain this freedom (more so than your average employee equivalent!) . That said, it’s still important to stay in touch with one’s work and not get carried away with the sweet summer air! If you’re a small business owner at Denver Virtual Offices, check out the below ways you can enjoy more summer with our services.

  • Phone Answering. By having our receptionist staff answer calls for you, we can take messages, screen out sales calls, and only get in touch regarding the most important things. This can be set up with your existent number, and can be done on a permanent or temporary basis. Consider signing up just for the summer or for when you have special events planned!
  • Mail Receiving. No need to wait around for special packages or wondering if they’ve arrived. Our staff can receive mail and notify you of what items come and when. At some locations, we can even scan in the desired mail pieces. Talk about a huge time saver!
  • Conference Room Scheduling. No need to visit unprofessional coffee shops or deal with wait lists at the library. If you learn you need a room, give us a call, shoot an email, or hop online to book it. We make this quick and easy, and you’ll know you’re getting a professional room with great amenities and helpful staff.
  • Office Presence. Clients, associates, and customers can stop by during regular business hours and be greeting by a professional individual serving as the face of your business. No need to interrupt your vacation or impromptu pool lounging to be at your office for any simple exchanges or document drop-offs.
  • On-Demand Administrative Services. For those miscellaneous tasks that pop up (ex: sending out thank-you cards, having a congratulatory gift sent to an associate, etc.), our members have access to staff more than happy to assist even in these unexpected and more unique ways. If it’s something we can help with, we’ll be glad to!

As a small business ourselves, we know better than anyone how much you deserve to taste that BBQ, tackle the water slides, and enjoy some of the prettiest months the state of Colorado has to offer. Feel free to drop us a line or email to learn more about any of the services mentioned above. Remember, summer is just getting started; don’t let it go to waste slaving away behind a desk every day 9-5!

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